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Client shall be liable for all damages to the vehicle caused by the client or members of his/her party, sustained during client’s trip; to include but not limited to all Spills, Burns, Rips, Tears or Damage to any equipment.

Client hereby authorizes 5-TON TOURS to collect a minimum deposit of $250.00 at the time of

the reservation to be paid via credit card, which is transferable or refundable if cancelled or changed 30 days in advance. Client agrees to pay a service charge of $250.00 to clean any

spillage in vehicle or to repair any damage to vehicle.

Client understands that there is no smoking allowed in vehicle(s) at any time. If a private tour runs over the scheduled end time additional charges are based on 1-hour increments (minimum).

Your vehicle may be scheduled for another tour at the end of yours, making it unavailable of any additional time for your party.

Client agrees that if anyone in the party is found using any illegal drugs, fighting or any other forms of misconduct considered inappropriate by the driver, the driver may immediately cancel the tour and all parties will be responsible for their own form of return transportation.

Client agrees that 5-TON TOURS shall not be responsible for any items left in the vehicle or for the safe keeping of items in vehicle but that we will return any items if found.


Client agrees that 5-TON TOURS shall not be held liable for any damages arising out of the

company’s inability to perform services due to inclement weather, mechanical or electrical

difficulties, delays due to traffic conditions, or any unforeseen events beyond the reasonable control of 5TON-TOURS.

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